Episode 25 #epic

September 24th, 2014

The fans get their first compilation episode from #baddadspodcast. Episode #epic is the best of Eric, John and guests that have visited the show, all ranting about #kskeetz’ penis. The guys wrap up the episode as they watch a young 19 year female old bounce on #kskeetz’ junk. 


Episode 24 #dickklout

September 12th, 2014

Eric is joined by Special Guest Comedian Quills and kSkeetz because John is a no show. We must warn our listeners the level of nerd talk is at level 11 on this entire episode, everyone blew their comic book nerd wads because John went missing. After serious consideration over this episode’s hashtag title, #wheresjohn, #GOTG and #noshow were all good contenders but we stuck with #dickklout. We feel it takes our listeners right into next weeks Episode 25 #epic.